martes, septiembre 07, 2010

Ratas de Laboratorio 38: Éramos así/ Lab Rats 38: We were that way

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Unknown dijo...

The return!!! Good to see you back.

I, at least, am glad that someone finally invented t-shirts.

Faile dijo...

Otra pobre fashion victim, si es que las modas son odiosas :p

PD: Rebienvenida ;)

Juan Tamenela dijo...

Más chulo que las peinetas de Martirio seguro que le queda.

Inmarteee dijo...

Ben: Are you? I bet it´s unconfortable, but I´d love to have one of those dresses, or a long coat. And not to look ridiculous by wearing it in the street.

Faile: Pueden ser odiosas, pero, como comentaba antes, me encanta la ropa del siglo XVIII.

Juan: Imagina a Martirio con una peineta de 50 kgs, y la diferencia será inexistente xD

Unknown dijo...

Haha, oh yeah, I think it would be awesome to have a proper elegant aristocrat get up. However, I bet wearing it would make it hard to get out and do very much.

We should start a "les merveilles" hipster trend!